Peanut Clusters In Milk Chocolate

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The perfect indulgent snack. We roast our own peanuts to make sure the entire product is 110% Potter Brothers quality.  Don’t open these clusters in the company of others unless you’re willing to part with the whole pack at once!


6 reviews for Peanut Clusters In Milk Chocolate

  1. Leanne Peat

    Thank you Potter Bros and thank you peanut clusters for getting me thru covid19 lockdown. Nothing like a pick-me-up treat with a cuppa.

  2. Jaime

    Shopping online for these beauties makes me mouth water something crazy! The Potter bros. surpass (in my eyes) Whittakers peanut slabs! PB chocolate never has that “sitting on the shelf too long” taste. It ALWAYS tastes fresh!

  3. Le Avanoa

    This is my favourite chocolate ever !! So delicious and the chocolate to peanut ratio is perfect. These are little bites of heaven and I absolutely recommend them !! 🙂

  4. Jenny Mills

    Just mind blowing, so yummy

  5. Peter Woodhead

    Really yum, you guys nailed this recipe.

  6. Stella

    THE BEST SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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