Red Licorice In Milk Chocolate

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The iconic liquorice chocolate combination, with a unique ‘twist’. New Zealand is used to the old soft eating liquorice – ours is harder, chewier, and more addictive! Coated in our family recipe milk chocolate. Try it, you’ll love it!

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9 reviews for Red Licorice In Milk Chocolate

  1. Christiana Anderson

    These are sooo amazing! My mum purchased them from work when someone had brought them in and omg I was soo addicted 😍 kinda wanna buy some…kinda on a diet would soo recommend to a friend! 😍

  2. Winston Cotidis

    The BEST red licorice chocolate ever produced and ever tasted – hands down!!! The BEST peanut clusters ever made anywhere and with the right ratios – full stop!!! There is nothing that could ever compete with these beauties – made with local handmade talent – pure and homegrown right here in our little corner of the world … New Zealand !!!

  3. Shana Hoffman

    These are so yummy and such a great price, we had someone come into our office to sell. The Pineapple Lumps are better than the originals, my daughter loves the licorice its not too soft. I love the Peanut Cluster just like peanut slab but much easier to eat.

  4. Mel Scott

    Purchased some yesterday in New Plymouth, absolutely divine and will totally be ordering more!

  5. Gaynor ngapo

    Best chocolate Licorice ever

  6. Neho Ashford

    You better know these are the best red licorice chocolate-covered lollies ever invented.

  7. Jan

    First time I have tried your products “Red Licorice”
    Top quality and delicious I loved it wrapped in chocolate.
    Well done and love that it’s a kiwi product 😍

  8. Matau

    Legit the most BOMB Red Licorice Chocolate EVER! Shout out to Peter for coming in to my workplace and hooking us up. 🤙🤙

  9. Vicki Little

    These are so so good. Best red licorice covered in chocolate I have found. Be aware though as these are very addictive and you can’t stop eating them!

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