Red Licorice In Milk Chocolate

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The iconic liquorice chocolate combination, with a unique ‘twist’. New Zealand is used to the old soft eating liquorice – ours is harder, chewier, and more addictive! Coated in our family recipe milk chocolate. Try it, you’ll love it!


2 reviews for Red Licorice In Milk Chocolate

  1. Christiana Anderson

    These are sooo amazing! My mum purchased them from work when someone had brought them in and omg I was soo addicted 😍 kinda wanna buy some…kinda on a diet would soo recommend to a friend! 😍

  2. Winston Cotidis

    The BEST red licorice chocolate ever produced and ever tasted – hands down!!! The BEST peanut clusters ever made anywhere and with the right ratios – full stop!!! There is nothing that could ever compete with these beauties – made with local handmade talent – pure and homegrown right here in our little corner of the world … New Zealand !!!

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